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Japan Training Squadron (海上自衛隊練習艦隊)Visit to Tampa(7/25-28/2011)

Welcome Ceremony at the Port of Tampa, Terminal 3 (July 25th 2011)


Chairman of Hillsborough County Al Higginbotham, Consul General Kawahara, Rear Admiral Otsuka, Mayor of Tampa Bob Backhorn, Asian American Liaison Kimi Springsteen (from left to right) (July 25th 2011)

Honor Guard Ceremony for Consul General Kawahara at the Kashima

(July 25th 2011)

Lecture by Consul General Kawahara for the newly commisioned officers at the JTS Kashima


Chief of Officers of theTraining Squadron, (corner right)

Tampa local representatives, City Council representaives,

Vice Commander of MacDill Air Force Base, Consul General Kawahara,

Port Authority Board of Directors, Rear Admiral Otsuka (corner left)

(July 25th 2011)

Luncheon hosted by Rear Admiral Otsuka at the JTS Kashima (July 25th 2011)




Onboard reception on the JTS "Kashima" (July 25th 2011)

Address by Rear Admiral Otsuka at the onboard reception


Address by Consul General Kawahara at the onboard reception


Kagami-Wari ("sake-barrel opening ceremony") at the onboard reception


Consul Nakamura, Consul General Kawahara, Mayor Buckhorn, Rear Admiral Otsuka, Captain Yoshioka at the office of the mayor of Tampa(from left to right) (July 26th 2011)