2016 Kumamoto Earthquake Donations (Extended until 03/31/19)

We at the Consulate-General of Japan in Miami would like to express our deep gratitude for all the communications we have received expressing concern, sympathy, and offers of help and assistance in the wake of the recent 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake. The Japanese Government, along with the peoples of the affected areas and the entire nation, is doing its utmost to provide rapid emergency response and to help recovery in the region affected by the disaster. For all those interested in donating to help the victims of the earthquakes, please see the information below.

At this time we are only able to accept monetary donations. Both individuals and businesses can submit donations to these funds. We greatly appreciate the consideration shown by those who have asked about sending items such as food and clothing, but there is currently no system set up in Japan to accept and distribute such goods.

Once again, we want to express our deepest thanks and gratitude for everyone's warm support during this time.

Please see below 3 avenues through which donations can be made at this time:

1. Consulate-General of Japan in Miami (Extended until 03/31/2019)
2. Japanese Red Cross (Closed June 15, 2016)
3. Kumamoto Prefectural Government