Message from Consul-General Kazuhiro Nakai

Consul-General Nakai
My name is Kazuhiro Nakai, and as of September 2021, I have assumed the position of Consul-General of Japan in Miami. I have served the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more than three decades, and have extensive experience in the areas of culture, education, security, disarmament, and non-proliferation.
Florida is a large and dynamic market that boasts the third-largest economy and the fourth-largest population in the United States. The state has traditionally been well known in Japan as one of the world's leading tourist destinations and exporters of citrus fruits. In recent years, Florida has strengthened its ties with Japan in high-tech fields such as aerospace and life sciences.
Florida plays an important role as a gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean, and many Japanese companies have headquarters in the region. I am proud to say that, currently, more than 140 Japanese companies have a presence in Florida. These companies are the largest investors in the state in terms of property, facilities, and equipment, employing over 24,000 people.
I am deeply honored to represent Japan as the new Consul General in Miami. I want to work hard to ensure that our diplomatic and trading relationship with Florida remains strong, despite challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic which continue to affect our economies.
Serving as the Consul-General of Japan in Miami, I will do my utmost to contribute to strengthening the bonds of friendship between Japan and Florida. To this end, I look forward to joining with you, and I welcome your input about the role of our Consulate and its services.
Kazuhiro Nakai
Consul-General of Japan in Miami
September, 2021