Exhibition by Harn Museum of Art (University of Florida)


TEMPUS FUGIT (until February 27, 2022)

Namikawa Sōsuke (1847-1910) and Watanabe Shōtei (1851-1912), Namikawa Sōsuke (1847-1910) and
Watanabe Shōtei (1851-1912),
"Tray with White Bird" c. 1895-1905 Cloisonné tray, collection Samuel P.
Provided by Harn Museum of Art
Photo: Randy Batista
Showcasing objects in a range of media, this exhibit is a reflection on time and its many meanings. This broad concept has been applied to the Japanese art collections at the Harn Museum as an investigative tool to look at how time has been measured in the visual record, how art objects can portray several moments in time, and how artists experience time during the production of their work. The celebration of the natural world, through life cycles and the acknowledgment of mortality and the change of seasons, is also a recurring theme in Japanese art celebrated within this exhibition.
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