Visa Exemptions


Visa Exemptions

Citizens of certain countries and regions are not required to obtain visas to enter Japan when their visits are limited to activities such as sightseeing/recreation, attending conferences, visiting relatives/friends, taking inspection tours, participating in lectures or meetings, making business contacts, or other similar activities. However, please note that if you are engaging in paid activities in Japan, or if your periods of stay exceed those stipulated in each country’s arrangement of short-term stay, visas will be required, regardless of their citizenships.

See herefor a list of countries and regions that have visa exemption agreements with Japan.

Visa Waiver Measure for nationals of the Federative Republic of Brazil (from September 30, 2023)

For nationals of all other countries not mentioned above:

You must obtain a visa in a valid passport corresponding to the purpose of your visit from a Japanese Embassy or Consulate abroad. Upon arrival in Japan, immigration inspectors will stamp your passport granting you permission to enter the country. (A visa is no more than one of the requirements for the application to land in Japan and it does not guarantee that you will be able to enter Japan. Even if you have a valid visa, there are times in which a landing permission is not given to enter Japan; there is a warning on the visa application form and your signature on the application form means you have accepted this fact.)

Please keep in mind that a visa must be obtained from a Japanese Embassy or Consulate abroad BEFORE entering Japan.