Temporary Visitor Visa

Temporary visitor visas are issued to foreign nationals (whose country of citizenship is NOT on the visa exemption page ) who are visiting Japan for 90 days or less for non-paid activities (e.g. tourism, business meetings, and visiting relatives/friends) as the purpose of the trip. Citizens of countries listed on the visa exemption page, including the United States, are eligible to enter Japan without obtaining a visa abroad, and stay for up to 90 days for purposes allowed under this category of visa.

Note: Applicants who entered the United States with B1/B2 visa or who are under U.S. visa exemption status will not be accepted in this office.

For those applying for a Temporary Visitor visa, please submit the following documents:

* Please note that letters and certificates must be original. Letters must be an official letterhead with hand written signatures by an authorized executive. Electronic or scanned signatures are not acceptable.
* Additional and/or notarized documentation may be requested with your application, depending on your particular status or circumstances.

NOTE: Please do NOT staple documents.

1.   Valid passport: properly signed by the bearer (original passport is required; please be sure your passport has available visa pages)

2.   1 Application Form: Completely filled out and signed by the applicant; signature must be original. If there is a field not applicable on the application form, please write “N/A” or “None”.

*An applicant with an arrest or criminal record must provide a copy of his/her court and/or arrest record (including cases that ended with an acquittal or pardon), along with an English translation of those documents if they are in any language other than English. Even if the case did not go to trial, please provide a letter that explains in detail the circumstances surrounding the arrest. We would like to know about the charges, time served, fees paid, and probation (if any).

3.   1 passport-type photograph (2 in. x 1.4 in. front view) of applicant: must be taken within 6 months, with a white background and color printed on photo quality paper.

4.   Copy of roundtrip flight itinerary:  Itinerary must include the applicant’s name and date along with the flight information. It is not necessary to purchase the airline ticket until the visa is approved, however reservation must be made. It is recommended to add trip protection or insurance should the applicant needs to cancel. In order to make a reservation without purchase, please consult with the airline or travel agency. Please note: we are not responsible for tickets that are unusable due to delay or denial of visa. 

5.   Copy of hotel confirmation: The applicant must provide the hotel confirmation for every day they are staying in Japan. The hotel confirmation must include the applicant’s name and date of stay.

6.   Letter of Invitation: Original form must be submitted if the applicant is staying at a friend or relative's residence in Japan. The following additional documents are required by the inviter to prepare for the applicant instead of a hotel confirmation.

  6-1.   Letter of Guarantee: Original form must be submitted if the inviter pays the expenses for the applicant`s stay in Japan.

  6-2.   Proof of the inviting person's residential status in Japan (one of the documents listed below)

       -  Copy of Family Registry (Koseki-Tohon)
       -  Original Copy of Residence Registration (Jyumin-Hyo)
       -  Copy of Japanese Residence Card front and back side (if non-Japanese citizen)
       -  Military Employment Verification Letter (if staying with military personnel)

7.   List of Visa Applicants:  If there are more than two applicants

8.   Travel Itinerary : A detailed day to day schedule of the applicant's stay in Japan.

9.   Proof of sufficient funds: Applicant or financial guarantor’s latest 3 months’ savings and/or checking account statements (no credit card statements or investment accounts). The applicant must have sufficient amount to cover all expenses for the travel.

10.  Copy of proof of Florida residential address: Proof of residency must be in the form of a Florida state issued ID card or driver's license with current address.

11.  Authorization Form: required when documents are submitted and/or picked up by anyone other than the applicant. Required for applicants that are 15 years or older.  Entire form must be filled out by the applicant, and signature on form must be original.

12.  Proof of U.S. legal immigration status: Copy of U.S. Green card, or resident visa that allows re-entry to the U.S. and I-94. F and J visa holders must also submit a copy of properly endorsed I-20 and DS-2019 forms, respectively.

13.  Payment of visa fee: If the applicant’s country of citizenship does not have a visa fee exemption. This fee is payable in exact cash, U.S. money order, or cashier's check, and must be made payable to the Consulate General of Japan. Neither personal checks nor credit cards are accepted.

Applying by mail

This will be accepted from applicants who reside outside of the Miami-Dade and Broward County. Please provide the following if applying by mail;

14.  Release of Liability form: Original form must be submitted.

15.  Prepaid, self-addressed envelope with tracking numbers: not required if picking up in person. Return mailing option is only available when the applicant possesses a valid Florida driver's license or a Florida state issued ID card with his/her current address.

※ Please note that Visa section will not return passports without self-addressed envelope and sufficient postage.

※ For FedEx and UPS return envelopes, please make the sender and the recipient's address the same.

※ If you would like to pick up your passport in person, please include a note or memo in the application package to indicate that you would like to do so.

Please mail your application to the following address.

Consulate-General of Japan in Miami
Consular Section (Visa Department)
80 S.W. 8th Street, Suite 3200
Miami, FL 33130

Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us at consular1@mi.mofa.go.jp .